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    16-year-olds can achieve lots of things. Among them are thinking they’re the shit, losing their virginity, flipping society off, and getting drunk on extremely cheap alcohol I wouldn’t even touch with a ten-foot pole.

    What they usually don’t do is produce exceptionally inspired, game-changing music tracks. Marcel Everett, aka Xxyyxx does. And he is 16. Hence it is without fear that I’ll use the term “Genius”.

    I won’t say that there is some Jamie XX or James Blake in his music, because he apparently doesn’t like it (check out his twitter account), and you don’t want to piss off a genius, do you? Let’s just say that they might have inspired him a bit. There is however much more to his music, including hip-hop vibes that are more distinct than in the aforementioned artists’ productions.

    Now stream and buy (name your price) his self-titled album right away. Please do before the kid gets  bigger, much bigger than you.

    Update: xxyyxx released a new EP just a few hours ago.

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